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  • While those games were purpose-built for controllers and included extra elements like the ability to switch between instrument tracks on the fly, Fortnite Festival is just… Rock Band on a gamepad, and it’s a little like playing a light gun game on an analogue stick..
  • There’s no real sense of any progression, like moving from simple songs to tricky ones like Guitar Hero, or the tour approach of Rock Band..
  • Credit where credit is due, Festival is the only one of the three that really retains Fortnite’s aesthetic (LEGO Fortnite obviously makes use of the iconic minifigs instead, and Rocket Racing feels like an add-on for Rocket League that got accidentally pasted into the wrong product)..
  • Songs owned by other players in your band do appear in the list of tracks everyone in your party can browse while creating your session’s four-song setlist, but if you want the freedom to play a song indefinitely you’ll need to buy it yourself..
  • Unfortunately, those comparisons aren’t all that kind to Fortnite Festival, which isn’t a very fun or even particularly social music game in its current state.Simply put, Fortnite Festival is a rhythm game now embedded in the Fortnite ecosystem..
  • As stressed, there’s no splitscreen or local multiplayer, completely shelving the best thing about music games like Rock Band..
It may have been developed by Harmonix now a subsidiary of Epic Games but Fortnite Festival is not Rock Band 5. Lets get that out of the way immediately, because Ive certainly already seen claims to [+7843 chars]

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