Google Just Killed Warrants That Give Police Access To Location Data Forbes | Summary

Image for article Google Just Killed Warrants That Give Police Access To Location Data  Forbes | Summary

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  • The volume of geofence warrants received by Google tripled from the end of 2018 to the end of 2019, reaching 3,000 warrants in a single quarter.As Forbes has previously reported, practically all geofence warrants are targeted at Google, given its vast amount of search and location data..
  • While other tech firms could theoretically be served with similar warrants, public court records nearly always point to a data request from Google over other companies.While it may receive more geofence demands than any other tech company, it isn’t the only tech giant being told to respond to them..
  • “They threaten privacy and liberty because they not only provide police with sensitive data on individuals, they could turn innocent people into suspects.”The change doesn’t prevent the government from getting information on a specific user by demanding their full account details, the Google employee said..
  • But here that decision has just been made and may lower the stakes in some respects for finding it unconstitutional.”Earlier this year, a California state legislator proposed a bill that would have outlawed the practice for California-based companies – notably, Google – to comply with such court orders..
  • )“Good news from Google, I never thought I’d say that,” said Michael Price, one of Chatrie’s lawyers, and the litigation director for the Fourth Amendment Center at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.“From a practical perspective, judges are often concerned about taking a tool away from law enforcement..
  • If there isn't a lot of economic value to Google in keeping the data, and having it means you need to get embroiled in privacy debates over what you do with it, better for Google to drop it.”.
Google has effectively ended the practice of geofence warrants, where Location History in Google Maps could be obtained by law enforcement.NurPhoto via Getty ImagesOn Wednesday, Google announce [+6304 chars]

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