Zero’s 2022 SR electric motorcycle uses in-app purchases for upgrades | Engadget

In 2022, Zero Motorcycles will start selling an optional tank accessory that further increases the amount of power the motorcycles ZF 75-10 electric motor can access. For charging, the 2022 SR features a standard J1772 connection, which even Tesla sells now.By default, the 2022 SRs motor outputs 122 lb-ft of torque and 74 horsepower. Post-purchase DLC is something weve seen the automotive industry show increasing interest in recent years.At first, the Cypher Store will offer a mix of performance and comfort upgrades. It will later expand to sell purchases that enable features like a park mode, heated grips and faster charging. It can hit a top speed of 104 miles per hour. As you might have guessed, you can pay extra to unlock better performance from the motor. With every possible upgrade, battery capacity increases to 20.9 kWh.
For as long as motorcycles have existed, enthusiasts have been upgrading their rides with new components. Taking that idea to the 21st century, the new 2022 SR from Zero Motorcycles allows you to p… [+1701 chars]