What to expect at Google's Pixel 6 launch event | Engadget

You may also see 30W wired charging, 23W wireless charging and reverse charging to top up your earbuds or other phones.As for Tensor? We haven't seen rumors to this effect so far, but Google also kept unlimited photo uploads for Pixel owners when it capped everyone else in June. Those Carphone Warehouse pages echoed longstanding rumors that Google would offer "at least" five years of security updates to Pixel 6 owners. Google's marketing for the event has revolved exclusively around its new phones. It's unlikely that you'll see any other gadgets, and they'll definitely be secondary if they do appear.That's not to completely rule out new hardware. The company knows that services sell hardware, and that may be crucial for the Pixel 6.Please enter a valid email address We'd be cautious about these prices, as they could change and might not convert neatly even if they're accurate.
Google has shared quite a few details of the Pixel 6 series, but it hasn't revealed everything ahead of its October 19th event. Just how powerful will these phones be? Will they represent a good valu… [+6172 chars]