Trump’s free speech app Truth Social is censoring content and kicking off users | Engadget

Unlike Twitter, Truth Social users can get suspended or booted from the platform altogether for posting content that moderators consider to be false, defamatory or misleading. Truth Social users also can get banned for posting content that moderators deem to be libelous, slanderous, or otherwise objectionable. The platform faced a 13-hour service outage just hours after its Sunday evening debut due to a flood of new users. 5 stars because I think someone is playing games and the review doesnt matter because I havent even been able to set up an account yet. One time I received the email many hours later and it was already expired. Just trying to resolve an issue.Please enter a valid email address While Twitter has had broad bans in the past on Covid-19 and election misinformation, it regularly allows other types of misinformation to fly by.
Former President Trumps social media platform Truth Social, which launched only two days ago, is struggling with technical glitches and onboarding new users in the early stages of its rollout. The si… [+2704 chars]