The Talli Baby tracker is a one-touch system for logging kids activities | Engadget

The company says Google Home compatibility is coming soon, too.Much like the device itself, the Talli app is simply designed and straightforward to use. Since I brought my twins home from the hospital, Ive used an app to note every bottle, diaper change, nap, medication, bath time and more. The home screen contains the same icons as the device; when a button is active it turns green for a pumping session or a nap time, for example. I liked using it a lot more than I expected to, given that tracking all my kids various activities through an app had become a bit of a chore. Events that happen at the same time say, a wet and dirty diaper require simultaneous button presses. Near each button is a date and time stamp for the last logged event and tapping on the icon brings up an entry page to edit and add details. Its nicely designed, easy to use and has an app that charts and graphs the data for you.
Never in my life did I think it would be important for me to know when someone else had pooped, but then I became a mom and here we are. The amount of stuff that moms need to keep track of is, in a w… [+8275 chars]