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Auto-Frame can be stacked with either noise removal or one of the background effects for example, or you could use remove background with noise removal applied. And importantly, all in realtime, unlike something like iZotope RX which is incredibly good at repairing sound, but aimed at post production.The first effect is Room echo removal. The raw signal is fine, but things are much improved with the echo removal tool set to around half way. Not with noise removal applied though.This effect is impressively adept at removing anything but your voice from your stream. Last, but not least, is Video noise removal this is apt for recording in low light and your camera starts to go all grainy. The area on the right is given over to a tool for testing these effects before you commit to them.Right now, there are only two effects to choose from. Thats to say, you can go ahead and remove room echo or background noise from people you are speaking with.
What if I told you that a graphics card could be the quickest way to improve your livestream or podcast audio? It sounds counterintuitive, but think about it: A GPU often has an extreme amount of pro… [+12340 chars]