A look back at the strengths of the OG Xbox on its 20th birthday | Engadget

And while System Link may sound like a pain to set up, it was perfectly suited to large networks, like the one at my college. So when he bought a copy of the game, one of the first things I did was come over to watch him create his first character. Its a pretty big milestone for the entire gaming industry, because its hard to imagine console gaming without Xbox today. But the OG Xbox made a pretty good showing for its first try, thanks to a solid lineup of games and no thanks to its enormous Duke controller. My team and I were huddled in the middle of Blood Gulch, one of Halo's iconic maps featuring a long canyon with two bases at each end. Igor Bonifacic, Contributing EditorJet Set Radio FutureMy time with the original Xbox was limited, and I remember looking at games like Halo and Fable with awe. But Future also dispensed with time limits and enclosed stages, allowing you to skate between one section and the next.