Instagram quietly bumps up the minimum daily time limit | Engadget

When a user reaches their chosen time limit in either app, a notification pops up to tell them, though they can ignore it. The Instagram app currently offers me a minimum time limit of 30 minutes. Users can choose any time limit in increments of five minutes. "The available values for daily time limits are changing as part of an app update," a pop-up read. In October, Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Meta (which was still called Facebook at the time) "knows its products can be addictive and toxic to children." Engadget has asked Meta for clarification on when and why it made the change.The settings in the Facebook app are more granular. "Please enter a valid email address
For the last couple years, Instagram and Facebook have offered ways to see how long you spend using the apps each day as well as an option to set a daily usage time limit. Now, it seems Instagram has… [+2186 chars]