Forza Horizon 5 hands-on A Ford Bronco fever dream in the desert | Engadget

Finally, the Mercedes-AMG One, a superfast hybrid sports car, finishes the ride by racing an airplane.Each of the starting vehicles has its own sensibilities and strengths. There are multiple difficulty settings for each race, but theres also the option to just ride around, drive up the side of a volcano or cruise along the beach. Starting the game drops the vehicle out of the plane, parachuting you onto the rim of a snow-capped volcano. Time.Its not that the Bronco is the fastest or smoothest vehicle in the game, but it feels right rolling through the rugged desert landscape. There are multiple layers of customization in the game, from character creation and accessorizing, to vehicle designs and purchases. Its lighthearted yet intensely detailed, with realistic environments and vehicles, and it offers whatever type of challenge you want. It moves like a heavy piece of machinery, tilting on quick turns and cannonballing down the road, sturdy yet sensitive.
Bronco. Every. Time. This has been my motto while playing the preview build of Forza Horizon 5, the latest iteration of Playground Games open-world racing series. Horizon is the chill, microdosing c… [+2808 chars]