The metaverse can’t be explained | Engadget

Metaverse. At the time, he said that any metaverse would be a persistent and synchronous virtual environment with its own economy. Much like Web 2.0, The metaverse has a loosey-goosey definition that is being used to define whatever is coming next for the internet. They said that the metaverse would be the thing that replaces Social Media to suck away all of our free time. As The New York Times reported earlier this year, Decentralands market has already seen real-world brokers buying up parcels of virtual real estate. ]Now, Meta believes enough in the metaverse that its hoisted its flag, and fortune, to the idea for the next few years. After all, a number of companies have started using the term in order to bask in the reflected glory thrown out by the metaverse hype train.
For most of this year, Facebook has been talking about its plans for the metaverse, pledging to lose a lot of money in order to bolster its ambitions in the space. Yesterday, the company announced th… [+10235 chars]