Facebook says it doesn’t want to own the metaverse, just jumpstart it | Engadget

)The company is also making a major push for developers: its new Presence Platform offers through APIs that'll allow devs to make more inventive VR apps. Like the mobile web, he thinks every major technology company will contribute something towards the metaverse. And when it comes to productivity, the company is also opening up the Oculus Store to 2D apps like Slack, Dropbox, Instagram and Facebook. And for all of his talk of turning Facebook into a metaverse company, he's adamant that he doesn't want to build a metaverse that's entirely owned by Facebook. As Zuckerberg sees it, the metaverse will ultimately lead to a more natural relationship with technology (while, of course, giving us another way to buy digital goods). "It's about making the time we spend better and I think you know screens can't really convey the full sense of presence. Since they're meant for office environments, IT departments will also be able to manage work accounts, specific devices and integrate their own security features.
Here's what Facebook's metaverse isn't: It's not an alternative world to help us escape from our dystopian reality, a la Snow Crash. It won't require VR or AR glasses (at least, not at first). And, m… [+5887 chars]