EPA announces plans to regulate cancer-causing 'forever chemicals' | Engadget

This roadmap delivers on the agencys mission to protect public health & the environment and answers the call for action on these persistent & dangerous chemicals. Additionally, the agency announced a new national testing strategy that will require PFAS manufacturers to provide toxicity data on the chemicals they create. Communities contaminated by these toxic forever chemicals have waited decades for action, Ken Cook, President of the Environmental Working Group, said in a press statement. They're also known as "forever chemicals" as they do not break down in nature. On Monday, the Biden administration announced that it will give Obama's recommendation some teeth.Today, @EPAMichaelRegan announced EPAs Strategic Roadmap to confront #PFAS. This strategy really lays out a series of concrete and ambitious actions to protect people. Read more here: https://t.co/2GyHIfEVaj pic.twitter.com/kDHbwYgEJmThis is a really bold set of actions for a big problem, EPA administrator Michael Regan told The Washington Post.
Showing up in everything from cosmetics and dental floss to product packaging and cleaning supplies. polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are ubiquitous to the modern world. They'r… [+2883 chars]