Elecjet’s graphene power bank is as exciting as a power bank can be | Engadget

Its also, in my opinion, pretty attractive for a power bank, with nice quality white and black plastics, and a proper display that shows the battery percentage. Its like a safety net for my own stupidity.Its small size, at least in comparison to my regular power bank, is also a plus. It launched its first graphene-enhanced battery power bank, on Indiegogo back in 2019, and is now back with the Elecjet Apollo Ultra. )My personal power bank at the moment is a 20,000mAh Anker PowerCore, which maxes out at around 25W output and 30W input. (There is a market for laptop power stations, which can meet and in some cases best Elecjets input and output numbers, but those are typically bulky units. A 55Wh battery pack would only be 50 percent larger, but handle a wider variety of devices. On the output side, most 10,000mAh battery packs top out at around 18W; its only chunkier chargers that reach figures like 65W.
In the space of a few years, weve gone from 5W USB adapters being the norm, to iPads and Nintendo Switches being able to charge at 18W, all the way up to modern laptops drawing up to 140W. This explo… [+5834 chars]