I wish anyone other than Kanye made the Stem Player | Engadget

The main controls on the front are four touch-sensitive strips that light up to tell you what volume a track is at or what effect youve selected, for instance. Using it you can change the volume of different stems, or tracks, in the songs on Donda. The Armeds An Iteration, for example, was broken down into drums, vocals and a single track of everything else. Half the bass line was on its own track, while the other half was lumped in with the drums. For instance, if youre wondering what Off the Grid would sound like as an instrumental you can simply turn down the vocals. This often means all the melodic content is one track. Then it will automatically split the song into stems so you can remix it.
I want to get one thing out of the way at the top. I wish that anyone anyone other than Kanye West had released the Stem Player. At this point hes more than 10 years past the creative zenith of My Be… [+3304 chars]