The USB-C iPhone becomes a reality thanks to a robotics engineer | Engadget

On his YouTube channel, EFPL master's student Ken Pillonel teased an iPhone X with a USB-C port, promising a full video later on how it was done. In an earlier blog post and video, he explained how he reverse-engineered the Lightning connector, then built a prototype PCB connector to prove the concept. With that done, he pulled the female Lightning port from an iPhone and soldered wires from the bare C94 board to a PCB with USB-C connectors. Now, a robotics engineering student has proved that its possible to replace the iPhone's Lightning connector with a USB-C port, Apple Insider has reported. Europe has proposed a rule that would require USB-C charging for all phones and electronic devices, with the aim of reducing e-waste and consumer inconvenience. "The next step was to "fully reverse engineer the C94" board so that everything can be shrunk down to fit into a phone, he said. Pillonel discovered that Apple sells a Lightning connector with an integrated circuit (IC), known as C94, to certified partners that build USB-C to Lightning cables.
The humble USB-C port has been in the news because Europe wants to make it a standard for all mobile devices to reduce e-waste and Apple is the only manufacturer still not using the standard for its … [+1897 chars]