The McPlant tastes just like any McDonald's burger | Engadget

(Im less sold on the fake cheese slice, but the majority of vegan cheese options taste terrible too, so not sure I can blame McDonalds entirely here. The burger is also cooked on the same grill as meat - and egg-based products.But back to my McPlant. For now, the US McPlant is neither vegan nor vegetarian and will come with a slice of American cheese and mayonnaise. )Then there was the class-action lawsuit, because the Impossible Whopper, while entirely plant-based, was being cooked on the same surfaces as meat and dairy products. A vegan customer said that ads that said "100% Whopper, 0% Beef" were misleading. (I really wish theyd given the sauce some kind of name, just to make it less... Ahead of its debut next week, I decided to try out the McPlant here in the UK, where its been available in selected restaurants for over a month.
McDonalds first plant-based burger (ignoring the veggie burgers that have come before it) finally goes on limited sale in the US later this week. Following a brief trial in Canada in 2019, the McPla… [+4541 chars]