The home theater gear worth gifting this year (even if the giftee is you) | Engadget

No matter how many drivers you can cram in, or how good the virtual surround sound is, nothing beats the immersion of a full home theater speaker setup. Best of all, it's far cheaper than competing systems (though if you want, you can also step up to other Vizio Atmos options, like the rotating Elevate). Consider the M-series a solid entry into the world of surround sound (and one you won't feel too bad about replacing when you want bigger speakers). True to Sonos lineage, the Arc is also well-suited for music and you have the ability to add a subwoofer or satellite speakers as you see fit. D.H.With high brightness and ease of setup, ultra short throw projectors are all the rage right now making one the ultimate gift for any movie lover. In addition to an updated design, the soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos which makes it an excellent choice for the living room. The company offers two subwoofer options, as well a pair of rear speakers.
So you've got all the gifts you need for the kids, your family and the friends who really matter. But it's been a tough year, surely you deserve some joy as well. Maybe it's time to upgrade that HDTV… [+8123 chars]