Pixel 6 and 6 Pro hands-on Google’s return to premium phones | Engadget

But while theres plenty of software tweaks to check out, Im also dying to grab some pictures with the new hardware. Theyre both powered by Googles new Tensor chip an octa-core system comprised of two "Prime" Arm X1, two big and four small CPU cores. Because my meeting took place during the day, a Google rep demonstrated this by taking pictures of videos projected onto a wall, including a waterfall. They also come in a different trio of colors, and the Pixel 6 arguably has the better palette. Not only will the engine be better at understanding you, but it also suggests alternatives that might make more sense. The most obvious refresh is the Material You UI, which took a really long time to roll out to the beta (and arrives on Pixels first). Weve already seen plenty of pictures and videos of the Pixel 6, but now we actually have devices to play with and detailed specs to share.
The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are finally here, and theyre the most promising phones from Google in years. Thats largely thanks to Tensor, the companys first mobile chip. Weve already seen plenty of pictures… [+12771 chars]