15 years of Google Docs, and where the next 15 might take us | Engadget

Earlier this year, the company announced that some Fluid components would work in its communications platform Teams. For example, you couldnt have multiple people working on the same Office document until late 2013, something that was built into Google Docs from day one. Gears was an open-source project and browser extension for Mac, Windows and Linux that would help web apps work with no internet connection. For a long time, though, Googles suite of apps were better-suited to the cloud. There were failures though, the most high-profile of which was Google Wave an ambitious combination of instant messaging, email, documents, multimedia and more. Eight years earlier, he created a tool called Writely, a web-based text editing platform. And those shifts are probably what will drive the most significant changes in products meant for work.Please enter a valid email address
15 years ago, if you were writing a document, chances are you were doing it in Microsoft Word. Part of the companys wildly successful Office suite, Word was the de-facto option for drafting text, whe… [+9901 chars]