Ford's Mach-E GT is an American muscle car for the 21st century | Engadget

It is, honestly, difficult to reconcile in my head that the Mustang is now an SUV and, despite its overwhelming power, still largely drives like one. Do so in the uber-torqued GT Performance edition and youre liable to swallow a few teeth.It wont be difficult to spot the GT and Performance editions on the street. You can feel the understeer, despite it being an AWD, as well as the GTs 4,600 pounds of curb weight through hairpin turns. Pouring on speed, I finally see what all the Mach-E fuss was about.Ok so heres the part of the story where I eat a big plate of crow. The GTs MagneRide suspension which leverages magneto-rheological fluid to stiffen the ride on demand shined through during those slaloming sections. Stomp on the gas in the 480 horsepower, 600 ft-pound torque GT and this thing will loosen your fillings. But again its an SUV, thats to be expected even from one with a sub-4 0-60.
Sunlight filters down through towering pines, dappling the grabber blue skin of my Ford Mach-E GT as it gallops along Highway 1, heedless trivialities like defensive driving technique and speed limit… [+4694 chars]