Facebook whistleblower will brief the Oversight Board on 'cross check' rules for VIPs | Engadget

The company said last month, following The Wall Street Journal's reporting, that it had asked the board to provide recommendations on how to improve cross check. The Oversight Board will release its first transparency report later this month, which will provide an update on cross check, based on its discussions with Facebook officials and Haugen. The company has said its meant to provide an extra level of scrutiny when those accounts might break the platforms rules. Cross check is the internal designation used by the social network for high profile accounts, including celebrities, politicians and athletes. The report will be the boards first assessment of how the social network has responded to its policy recommendations.Please enter a valid email address But according to documents Haugen provided to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook often doesnt review violations from these accounts, effectively allowing them to break its rules without consequences.
Members of the Oversight Board will meet with Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen as it investigates the companys controversial cross check system. In light of the serious claims made about Face… [+2192 chars]