Facebook's misinformation and violence problems are worse in India | Engadget

The company had a white list for politicians exempt from fact-checking.Facebook was struggling to fight hate speech as recently as five months ago, according to the leaked data. In other words, it's not clear Facebook's problems with misinformation and violence will improve in the near future.Please enter a valid email address The company added it was engaging with local communities, improving technology and continuously "refining" policies.The response didn't directly address some of the concerns, however. And like an earlier test in the US, the research showed just how quickly Facebook's recommendation engine suggested toxic content. Spokesman Andy Stone argued the data was incomplete and didn't account for third-party fact checkers used heavily outside the US. It argued that it had an "industry-leading process" for reviewing and prioritizing countries with a high risk of violence every six months. India is Facebook's largest individual market, with 340 million people using its services, but 87 percent of Facebook's misinformation budget is focused on the US.
Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen's leaks suggest its problems with extremism are particularly dire in some areas. Documents Haugen provided to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other o… [+2777 chars]