Facebook leak shows inner turmoil over approach to conservative content | Engadget

A leak to The Wall Street Journal reportedly shows Facebook leaders and staff have clashed numerous times over the social network's approach to conservative content, particularly outlets like Breitbart. They argued that booting a news outlet for trust scores would risk booting more mainstream outlets like CNN, for instance. Facebook was not only making exceptions, one employee said, but "explicitly" endorsing outlets like this by including them as trusted partners. "Facebook repeated its familiar stance in a response to the Journal, maintaining that limited access to low-quality material to "improve people's experiences," not due to political leanings. The insights reveal a more conflicted approach to material, though.
Facebook has long been accused of playing favorites on multiple sides of the political spectrum, and it's now clear just how much of that uproar extends to the company's ranks. A leak to The Wall Str… [+2275 chars]