How beetles, purrs and inventive sound design brought 'Dune' to life | Engadget

The sound designers also recorded Dune's actors saying their lines several different ways, which they played back through a subwoofer and recorded the final output. But instead of a hypnotic wave of the hand, the sound of Dune's voice is like a simultaneous kick to the gut and punch to the face. They're the equivalent of helicopters in the film's universe, but they sound more like gigantic insects. To achieve that, Mangini says they combined the sounds of a large purring cat, a tent-strap flapping in high-velocity wind, and the fluttering wings of a large beetle. To craft their propulsion system, the duo took recordings of beehives and modulated them to sound like RPMs revving up in a car's engine. For the sound designers, that push for authenticity also led to some inventive techniques. But there's also an undersung element that ties everything together: sound design.
Dune is a film filled with gorgeous vistas from alien planets; skyscraper-sized spaceships; and some of the most beautiful actors working today. It's a joy to watch, especially on the big screen .… [+4200 chars]