The Boring Company gets approval for Las Vegas public transportation system | Engadget

He also said it will be a point-to-point system, meaning passengers wont have to stop at every station on the way to their destination. Boring hopes to build five to 10 stations within the first six months of the project, and then between 15 and 20 every year thereafter. When it was first pitched, the system was supposed to move up to 4,400 passengers every hour. The goal is to finish construction within three years.The Boring Company is making some ambitious claims about how efficient the Vegas Loop will be once its complete. But as of earlier this year, it was only capable of moving about 576 passengers per hour.Please enter a valid email address Davis said the network will move approximately 57,000 riders per hour. The LVCC, the companys first loop, has thus far not lived up to claims made by Elon Musk.
On Wednesday, Clark County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve plans for The Boring Companys Vegas Loop system. With the decision, the Elon Musk venture moves one step closer to the day when i… [+1284 chars]