Apple Watch Series 7 review | Engadget

Apple used a refractive edge here to make it seem like the display curves slightly along the sides and it helps the face feel even more expansive. Plus, the new screen may be big, but its definitely not big enough to make tap typing possible. I generally found myself getting about half a day more from the new watch than the SE, despite the lack of an Always On display on the SE. While companies like Fitbit and Samsung can use their wearables heart rate monitors to detect what sleep zone youre in, Apple still doesnt offer that. The Series 7 usually stuck around for a day and a half, almost two, with the screen set to Always On, and tracking between three and five workouts. And youll need to make sure you have the Sleep Focus mode on (either manually or by setting a schedule) before the Watch will log your slumber. For anyone else whos looking for a new smartwatch, the Series 7 will be a satisfying purchase, especially if youve never used one before.
The new Modular Duo screen is the most useful. It lets you place two expanded complications on top of each other, while still showing the time and an additional small complication at the top. You can… [+5155 chars]