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Adding Sleep Mode In Ubuntu

Adding Sleep Mode In Ubuntu

Time to read: about 7 minutes

Ubuntu by default gives option to either restart or power off ubuntu, but what if we want to sleep our laptop. Sleep gives us the advantage to save electricity and upon resume allows user to resume work instead of rebooting your laptop.You can know more about sleep here

Within this blog post we will

add sleep functionality to our system using gconf-editor and using terminal

Adding sleep functionality to our system using terminal

sudo pm-suspend

However, to make the above command run, you need to add utils to your system. To do that simply run the command

sudo apt-install pm-utils

Adding sleep functionality using gconf-editor

Run the following command in your terminal

sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

create a new varible and name it sleep

This will create a sleep option and you can put your computer/laptop in sleep using this command

That's all folks! In this short tutorial you were able to put your system in sleep mode, it has it's own advantage and helps save electricity as well.

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