These additional announcements also feel like a tip of the hat to Voyager fans, a show that saw its share of guest stars like The Rock. The rest of the cast is filled out by aliens that are either new to us or havent gotten a lot of screen time in the past. Star Trek is about exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations. Even if weve left the confines of the Federation, the shows heart is still firmly in place with its past.Please enter a valid email address Now we get to watch a whole new cast, one that had previously been abused and downtrodden, live out that dream. It introduces to our core cast of characters, a diverse group of aliens trapped on a distant mining colony and forced to dig in search of a mysterious prize. Its unknown if hell appear in the flesh or as another hologram, but we do know that hes been promoted to captain in the time since his last appearance.
This post keeps spoilers to the bare minimum since the show will not air until October 28th. While Star Trek certainly has its share of young fans, its never been specifically for the kids. Sure, th… [+4863 chars]