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If you want to cut regular cardstock, paper or fabric youll still need to get mats, which come in four different levels of grippiness. But If you want to make your own 3D figures, multilayered greeting cards, or print then cut custom stickers, things get a little more difficult. Its basically a desktop CNC machine thats designed to cut things like fabric, paper and vinyl, as opposed to wood or metal. Theyre basically just generic sketches of objects like bowls, mugs and guitars to give you a rough idea of what your decal or whatever will look like. I only discovered after I cut the pieces for the cardstock fox I tried to build that it had "tips for assembly" as opposed to detailed instructions. Obviously, more complex patterns require more time to cut out, but the Explore 3 is still impressively fast.Can I say that a Cricut is absolutely worth the investment? I also like to make things (beer, music, small electronics) and generally have a pretty strong DIY streak.
I was definitely a little out of my element when I took on this review. Im not really an arts and crafts kind of guy. Sure, Ill do the occasional project with my four-year-old. I also like to make th… [+2999 chars]