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As I was browsing online to see if we could get some delivered, I came across CatPerson, a subscription service for cat food. The cat absolutely loves it and we like that there are 16 different flavors so shell never get bored. Its also one of the reasons many people suggest getting a water fountain for your cat. Most importantly: my cat absolutely loves having her own space, a few feet above the couch, where she can nap in the sun and silently judge us from above. The cover is also removable, so its easy to wash up, which is a good thing when your cat spends hours a day in there. Bonus: the delivery box easily converts into either a toy or a kitty chalet for the cat to play around in. N.L.In my house, weve nicknamed this bed the hottub, because our resident cat loves to sit in here for hours, especially in the winter months.
Whether they be cat or dog lovers, Engadgets editors have our fair share of fur babies. With all the comfort and joy our pets have given us, especially over the past year, we think they deserve gifts… [+6719 chars]