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All of the info is sent to the companys app where you can set target temperature, get estimated completion times and follow step-by-step directions if you need them. Both are waterproof and plug into your existing outside outlet to give you one or two spots for lights and other gear. The door is also attached so its simpler to use and has a glass window so you can keep an eye on things without losing heat. And if you get caught in the dark, a handle-mounted light and backlit control knobs are there to help.The Thermapen is the grilling tool I use most often. Each one has two sensors, so it can monitor both internal food temperature and the ambient temp of your grill. The Karu 16 is the companys latest offering, with a larger stone for bigger pizzas, an easier to access fuel chamber and a built-in thermometer. This slightly larger unit runs on a Li-Ion battery instead of burning fuel to keep the biting bugs at bay for up to 12 hours.
The weather is starting to get cooler, but that doesnt mean its time to head indoors for winter just yet. Theres ample time to enjoy the backyard, porch or balcony before the first snowfall. Weve rou… [+7709 chars]