AMD Radeon RX 6600 review The opposite of future-proof | Engadget

So much for budget GPUs.AMD, a company with a reputation for creating budget-friendly cards that packed a decent punch, probably wanted to stay true to its roots. As you'll see in our testing, it's a capable 1080p gaming card. Solid 1080p performance is a nice feature to have today, but 1,440p monitors are getting cheaper and games are becoming more demanding. That's a major reason why it runs so cool, reaching only around 70 celsius under load (the 3060 typically runs between 70 and 75 celsius when stressed). But unless it can guarantee a price close to MSRP, the RX 6600 just seems out of place in today's gaming landscape. That pattern held true for pretty much everything I tested. I suppose the existence of an "XT" card implies a more mainstream version eventually.
When AMD announced the Radeon RX 6600 XT a few months ago, it was positioned as the ideal 1080p gaming card, with the potential to offer decent 1,440p performance in certain games. Now there's the lo… [+5817 chars]