Its been over 20 years since Voyager last graced the small screen, and Mulgrew has kept busy on shows like Warehouse 13 and Orange is the New Black. Its the last place anyone would want to be, especially a Star Trek character, which is why the main drive is to just get off this bleak rock. While there is a plot which I wont divulge details of it serves as a showcase for all the different features of this new prototype ship. That system has been how, for over 55 years, Star Trek has managed to populate its cast with aliens who all speak English. But in the Star Trek universe, its only been six years (though an exact date is never given on-screen in Prodigy). Giacchino is best known for his work on various Pixar and Star Trek films, and he also supplies the main theme for Prodigy. Our cast of misfits, led by Dal (voiced by Brett Gray), lives on a mining colony populated by prisoners and orphans.
This post contains moderate spoilers for the first episode and slight spoilers for episode two of Star Trek: Prodigy. How do you make a series that can draw in newcomers while still appealing to lon… [+5664 chars]