Apparently, it plans make the series available again to international fans in 2022 when Paramount+ goes global. The publication says the money Netflix paid for the show's overseas rights paid for most of Discovery's hefty budget. The UK, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland will be among the first regions to get access to the streaming service next year. "In a tweet, the show's official account said that the fourth season will still premiere on Paramount+ on November 18th in the US. Now that ViacomCBS has paid off the deal, it also pulled the entire show from Netflix. According to Deadline, ViacomCBS has ended its deal with Netflix that had been in place since the series launched in 2017.
The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery was supposed to be available on Netflix a day after it premieres on Paramount+ in the US on November 18th, but that will no longer happen. In fact, fans outs… [+1630 chars]