Scalped Vision Pro Preorders Have Sold for $6,000, But Justice May Yet Prevail Road to VR

Image for article Scalped Vision Pro Preorders Have Sold for $6,000, But Justice May Yet Prevail  Road to VR
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  • See here for more information.>In theory that means the vast majority of scalpers who thought they could make a quick buck by jumping in the pre-order line and then reselling their spot will be stuck footing the bill for a headset they themselves may not even want..
  • A company like Meta, for instance, may want to get a handful of headsets as quickly as possible and isn’t going to blink at a $6,000 price tag.This article may contain affiliate links..
  • Even if everyone could agree on what is acceptable, throwing people out would just lead to them posting as guests, which cannot even be blocked, making things worse.I’m aware of the destructive effects..
  • It’s tough to say exactly but there are several possibilities.On one hand, it’s possible that some scalpers are buying the headsets from themselves at high prices to inflate the apparent value of an early pre-order..
  • Good luck with that bubble…There is a special place in hell for these nefarious toxic pieces of ship.How can someone be less useful for the world than a scalper except a trader ?Tale as old as the world – buy something cheap, sell it for more..
  • What you can try is lead by example by not interacting with trolls, not attacking others personally yourself, not acknowledging those attacks from others and making sure that your comments contribute something interesting and are not based on just wishful thinking, unfounded assumptions or tribalism..
A number of scalped Apple Vision Pro preorders have sold on eBay for upwards of $6,000.When you just gotta have it, I guess money is no object for some.When Vision Pro preorders opened up on Ja [+2623 chars]

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