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  • Worst of all, early messaging made it seem like modding was around the corner, weeks after launch, [but it’s been delayed] to some undetermined time in Q2 of 2024.”Collaboration with the community is what made the original game so successful, and the sequel could certainly benefit from crowdsourced improvements..
  • On top of that, Colossal Order raised the game’s minimum and recommended specs just a month before release, and the new requirements placed it out of reach for a large chunk of players.Even with a capable rig, the game is riddled with visual and mechanical bugs..
  • For now, some players are using a third-party tool to make mods work in Cities: Skylines II.“The tech is new, the simulation has been entirely rewritten and the game has all the potential to become the city-builder of this decade,” Hallikainen said..
  • Many players appear to want them to admit that the release state of the game was poor, say that they are sorry, and make some gesture to make amends..
  • Colossal Order sees Cities: Skylines II as a fresh foundation, but its core community expected a more complete experience.“The feedback we’ve gotten from the content creators and modders has immensely helped us in heading in the right direction, and we love working in cooperation with different parties,” Hallikainen said..
  • She continued, “We have always treasured having the devs present on the different social platforms and having direct communication with the community, but our biggest responsibility will always be protecting the team.”Tensions have been high in the Cities: Skylines community since the launch of the sequel in October..
Cities Skylines II developer Colossal Order has a uniquely close relationship with its community. The original Cities Skylines came out in 2015 and gobbled up the audience that was left behind by E [+9255 chars]

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