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  • This might be mostly my resentment at feeling forced to use wireless headphones.I’ll just ask: If you love wireless headphones but also have a backup pair that plug in, doesn’t that mean wireless headphones aren’t as convenient as you think?Convinced that wired headphones are awesome?.
  • But for picking up your voice, high-quality wireless headphones are on par with wired models, Ukonaho said.My favorite variety of wired headphones plug into the USB-C charging port of my Android phone..
  • )I haven’t found USB-C headphones that I love, so I’m using a years-old pair of Apple’s white wired headphones with a dongle to plug into my phone’s charging port..
  • Headphones have materials that are an environmental hazard in a landfill.Leo Raudys, CEO of the electronics recycling organization Call2Recycle, suggested taking unwanted headphones to a Best Buy or Staples store for responsible recycling..
  • Battery-powered wireless headphones outsell wired models by two to one in the United States.I get it..
  • Companies also prefer to sell you wireless.Manufacturers typically make a hefty profit on wireless headphones, Arnold said..
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