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  • That’s because director Hideaki Isuno intended to create a high-fantasy world that looks and feels like one that everyone would imagine a real-life fantasy world to look like..
  • In each parallel world, Pawns interact with Arisen and other Pawns.hat's why the story of constant rebirth that's focused around dragons, as well as the various elements of the world shown in the previous game have all carried over to this one as well..
  • That's reflected in a lot of different places, and I hope players enjoy it.” The art director Daigo Ikeno commented that creating a parallel world actually made Dragon Dogma’s 2 design a bit more difficult..
  • We interviewed lots of people from around the world after creating the first game, and there were a lot of monsters that appear in Dragon's Dogma that people said looked exactly like their mental image of them, such as the Griffin..
  • I paid special attention at the start to teaching everyone and having them experience the kinds of terrain and views that move people emotionally.” Though the level design and world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 are still very much based on the first, there are some unique differences..
  • “We decided for the two to be different down to their most basic structures in order to change players' impression of them.” The two countries' environments are also vastly different, influencing details like clothing design..
The world of Dragons Dogma 2 might seem strangely familiar, even if you never played the original. A lush, forested terrain speckled with hidden caves and cobblestone ruins; inhabited by beasts and c [+8961 chars]

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