NYC Families Who Choose to Live in OneBedroom Apartments Curbed

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  • Once sleep training ended, the family decided to stick with the new sleeping arrangement (baby in the bedroom, parents in the living room) because they enjoyed having a living space free of toys..
  • “We were going to try this out and see how it works,” she says, “and it really does.” Their bed is tucked into the living room’s bay window behind the couch, which serves as a room divider..
  • “Sometimes, when we have guests over, they’ll leave and text us later asking where we sleep because they didn’t notice our bed,” says Kelley, who picked an Article bed frame that is a little lower than a standard bed but still allows for under-the-bed storage..
  • “I think that’s one of the reasons why people don’t notice that our bed is back there.”What happens if one partner needs a nap during the day, or one wants to stay up while the other goes to bed early?.
  • The corner of their living room had a slightly recessed niche and Sierra noticed that it would just fit a full-size bed, so they downsized their mattress and wedged a new smaller one behind their sofa on the floor..
  • “Since the room is about 240 square feet, you don’t feel like you’re missing a part of the living room,” she says..
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