Starfields next update promises over 100 fixes and improvements and a PC beta arrives next week

Image for article Starfields next update promises over 100 fixes and improvements and a PC beta arrives next week
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  • Players can also expect improvements to sun disk geometry and planet ring shadows, fixes for bulldozed objects reappearing when returning to an outpost, remedies for instances when ship hatches are marked as inaccessible, plus another fix for the lingering (and entirely hilarious) issue of asteroids following ships..
  • Next week's update will, for instance, introduce improved textures, lighting, and shadows - the accompanying screenshots point to far more natural illumination on character's faces, for instance - as well as additional widescreen support and stability improvements..
  • The good news is Bethesda's previous updates to Starfield - a game that didn't entirely captivate Eurogamer's Chris Tapsell at launch - are slowly starting to bring the kind of tehcnical improvements that, as Digital Foundry recently commented, should have been in the game at release..
  • Bethesda says it's planning to release the update to all players around two weeks after it hits Steam beta, meaning this will likely be the patch that officially kicks off its previously announced six-week launch schedule..
  • Bethesda says it'll share the full update notes when the Steam beta goes live on Wednesday but, ahead of launch, it's teased a number of included improvements in a series of posts on social media..
  • Bethesda is also promising a "multitude of fixes" to quests, remedying the likes of docking and data transfer problems in Eye of the Storm, as well as preventing exploration blockers caused by missing temples in Into the Unknown..
With Bethesda looking to ramp up the frequency of its Starfield updates in 2024 it recently committed to a roughly every six weeks schedule starting in February the studio is kicking off the ne [+1979 chars]

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