Inflation uptick complicates Feds plan to lower rates PBS NewsHour

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  • But that resilience also means that the pace of inflation or the speed of it coming back down to our target is going to be slower.And so seeing some reports every now and then that are going in the other direction is par for the course..
  • Consumers are still hesitant to embrace the economy's strength, a theme that was consistent throughout last year's strong economic performance..
  • But, again, we will have to see how inflation progresses in the next several months.Amna Nawaz:Well, three days ago in a speech, you did say that, as you mentioned, inflation has come down..
  • Amna Nawaz Amna Nawaz Shoshana Dubnow Shoshana Dubnow Leave your feedbackNew data shows that inflation ran a little higher at the end of the year than expected but slowed down significantly in 2023..
  • What do those numbers say to you?Raphael Bostic:Well, today's CPI report has not been as positive as some of the last couple.But seeing some volatility in inflation is not really a surprise to me..
  • The economy has been very strong and robust over the last year, and that resilience has really been a positive thing..
Raphael BosticWell, for me, I think it really is about a reminder, a memory that many people have that prices are much higher than they were two years ago. And their wages did not go up as much. [+595 chars]

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