CES 2024 The weirdest tech, gadgets and AI claims from Las Vegas TechCrunch

Image for article CES 2024 The weirdest tech, gadgets and AI claims from Las Vegas  TechCrunch
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  • The Marble Wi-Fi 6 OpenWrt Router from GL.iNet looks like a small framed piece of art that you can hang on your wall or prop on your desk.At LG’s press event, the company announced its Smart Home AI Agent..
  • In turn, the mirror can chat with you, generate guided meditation exercises and self-affirmations and implement light therapy sessions through the mirror’s edge.Mirror, mirror on the wall…why am I so stressed?.
  • Skyted’s “Mobility Privacy Mask” and “Hybrid Silent Mask” are designed to “absorb voice frequencies” in noisy environments like planes, trains and rideshares, so you can communicate with a little more privacy, according to founder Stéphane Hersen..
  • The mannequin-like setup with multiple screens aims to act as a confidant to bounce around ideas with, though we’re more fixated on just how bizarre it looks and feels to interact with than anything.The Wehead AI companion at #CES2024 is a little unsettling, to say the least..
  • For those less familiar with the space, a CNC machine is what allows for the standardization and automation of an otherwise manual process, like cutting through components on an assembly line or 3D printing..
  • It’s sure to make your phone a lot longer, but maybe that’s the price you pay for nostalgia.Image Credits: Tim StevensSound Drive, a startup from singer-songwriter turned entrepreneur Will.i.am, aims to match the music you’re listening to with the cadence and energy of your commute..
CES 2024 is in full swing in Las Vegas. Were on the ground giving you the most talked about news and announcements from the event, but much of the fun is to be found in the weirder margins of the sho [+5504 chars]

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