Apple Just Broke a Tradition It Held for 12 Years MacRumors

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  • This shift in consumer behavior could have prompted Apple to reevaluate its tablet strategy, focusing on more impactful and less frequent hardware updates.Another aspect to consider is the criticism Apple has faced regarding the increasing complexity of the iPad lineup and questions around the direction of iPadOS..
  • The flagship iPad Pro is expected to introduce at least a dozen new features, including OLED display technology, the M3 chip, and a new, "laptop-like" keyboard accessory..
  • This hiatus in new iPad releases is noteworthy considering the history of the product line and could signal a moment of reflection about the direction of the device..
  • In recent times, the company has released as many as four new iPad models per year..
  • Before 2023, 2009 was the last year with no new iPads, simply because the product line had not yet launched..
  • With the rumored introduction of a 12.9-inch iPad Air model, 2024 could see Apple launch an unprecedented six iPad models in a single calendar year..
Apple has broken a tradition it maintained for 12 years, releasing no new iPads in 2023 the first time that the company has chosen to not launch a new tablet in an entire calendar year since the intr [+2918 chars]

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