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  • After the update, that time was reduced to 60 seconds.The car also clunked over speed bumps without slowing and blew through stop signs without stopping even though the signs were clearly displayed on his car’s touchscreen..
  • “Intentional unsafe use of a vehicle is dangerous and may be in violation of State and local laws.”Yet Fowler says, “Every Tesla driver who is using Autopilot with the update is testing the performance of the technology while we wait for NHTSA to do its own..
  • So Fowler took his Tesla Model Y — one of the best selling cars in the world — out for a spin to see if the software update solved the issues the prior Post story complained about..
  • The recall was supposed to force drivers to pay more attention while using Autopilot by sensing hands on the steering wheel and checking for eyes on the road..
  • An additional consideration is whether other drivers are even aware they are participating in some beta software trial without their consent.This is ground that has been plowed many times and we don’t expect there to be any agreement among readers on this subject..
  • Before the update, he could drive without his hands on the wheel for 75 seconds on one secondary road..
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