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  • This allows you to perform tasks like playing music, completing a to-do list task, and more without opening the corresponding app for that widget.Image via @Willydoo on TwitterIn addition to interactive widget support, iPadOS 17 also makes a big update to Home Screen customization..
  • This includes the ability to replicate the strip of widgets alongside the side of the iPad’s Home Screen.The combination of added customization and interactivity for widgets makes them infinitely more useful..
  • I want the iPadOS experience, just with the power and flexibility of macOS.In fact, the iPad should offer more flexibility than the Mac, given the focus on both touch and cursor input, different form factors, and cellular connectivity..
  • While Apple only gave Stage Manager a passing mention during this year’s unveiling of iPadOS 17 at WWDC, it turns out the changes are actually quite well done.The biggest change is that iPadOS 17 gives you far more freedom when arranging and resizing windows with Stage Manager..
  • For example, you couldn’t leave blank space between widgets and apps nor could you re-create the strip of widgets on the iPad Home Screen that many people enjoyed in iPadOS 14.In iPadOS 17, however, this has changed..
  • Honestly, this change alone is big enough to at least make the Stage Manager experience usable for me on iPad, let alone when combined with the freedom for resizing and placing windows..
While much of the focus recently has been on iOS 17 and the iPhone 15, Apple also has a new update for iPad users thats now available. Ive been using iPadOS 17 on my iPad Pro, and there are two thing [+4234 chars]

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