Baldurs Gate 3 player manages to accidentally kill Death Dexerto

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  • This explains why he’s so powerful with resurrection magic that surpasses even powerful Clerics.With that in mind, the fact that a player managed to kill him is pretty shocking and likely an oversight..
  • However, one Baldur’s Gate 3 player has managed to do just that.Note, spoilers for Withers’ true identity to follow.As Reddit user CAPHILL shared, it’s actually possible to kill Withers despite the fact that it should be impossible..
  • After a long rest, Withers even became lootable, causing the player to note, “Guess he’s not coming back.”For those who aren’t aware, Withers is actually Jergal, Lord of the End of Everything and the former God of Death..
  • As of Patch 5, he also puts together the epilogue party, allowing players to have one last get-together with their companions.One important fact about Withers that sets him apart from other NPCs is that he cannot be killed..
  • After all, it’s likely Larian didn’t forsee anyone actually using Ability Drain to Athrophy Withers to death.Given Withers’ role in Baldur’s Gate 3’s story and its ending, his death could have significant – possibly game-breaking – consequences..
  • The mysterious and powerful skeleton is a huge help on your journey, allowing you to respec your character, recruit hirelings, and revive dead companions..
A player has shocked the Baldurs Gate 3 community by doing something that was supposed to be impossible killing Withers.One of Baldurs Gate 3s standout characters is Withers. The mysterious and [+2196 chars]

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