Key Privacy Settings to Adjust if You Stream on Roku, Apple TV and Other Devices CNET

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  • The data collected includes terms you search for, videos you watch, views and interactions with content and ads, voice and audio information when you use audio features, purchase activity, people with whom you communicate or share content, activity on third-party sites and applications that use our services..
  • "Amazon's privacy policy says that your Amazon device also "collects data about your use of the device and its features, such as your navigation of the home screen [and] selection of device settings (such as device language, display size, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options)..
  • For more details check out Amazon's privacy settings FAQ.Google has one privacy policy across the company's products, which details the data it collects to sell ads or recommend other content such as YouTube videos..
  • All settings can be found by going to Settings, then Preferences, then Privacy Settings.Now, your Amazon Fire TV device will not be able to track your data for marketing purposes or be able to look at the frequency and duration of your usage of downloaded apps..
  • Roku says that it shares data with advertisers "including ads that you view within Roku's Channels and Third-Party Channels, as well as ads included in content that you view through your Roku TV's antenna and connected devices.".
  • Makers of software and hardware (from your new streaming stick to your TV itself) use that data to "improve" the products and services they offer, by tailoring recommendations and the ads they show you, for example..
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