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  • And yes, I’m playing it at 30-frames-per-second, but the focused experience of shutting off the work machine and turning to the game machine I believe is resulting in a closer experience with this game, and I’m hoping it will in other areas..
  • Like my synthesizers, I want to recenter gaming as a focused, direct experience, and I think dedicated hardware is the key..
  • I sold off my Xbox One and a majority of my PS4 collection, holding on to my PS4 itself for the eventual release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but otherwise shifted all of my gaming over to PC..
  • The ability to use software like Reason or VCV Rack meant that I could have tons of virtual instruments, many of which sound nearly indistinguishable to their physical counterparts..
  • How can you even have fun if ray-tracing isn’t involved and set to the max?My PS5, until now, has been like owning a car: I need one for work (or so I imagine..
  • Why would I spend time gaming on anything less?.
Im a fairly recent convert to PC gaming. In 2016, I spontaneously picked up a Steam Machine, Valves early attempt to fuse Steam with a more consolelike experience. It was my first real introduction [+4373 chars]

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