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  • On the flip side, if exploration and crafting is more your thing, what you'll want is a lot of cargo capacity.No matter what you're looking for in a ship, this list has the best of what Starfield has to offer for every playstyle..
  • Still, if you've gotten your piloting skill up to Level 3 and are in the market for an upgrade, you can't go wrong with the Aegis.Curious about what ship parts come with this ship, or what it's other stats are?.
  • Better weapons, better shields, and better fuel capacity, all without sacrificing the lightweight that the Razorleaf provides.However, while the Aegis has more to offer with crew capacity, allowing you to bring up to five crewmembers along, it's cargo is on the teeny side..
  • These are seven of the best ships you can get in Starfield.It can be tough to find a good ship in Starfield early-game when you don't have a lot of credits or piloting skill..
  • The Stronghold has a grav drive that packs a punch, and shields even stronger than the Silent Runner.It's cargo capacity isn't quite as generous as some other ships, but it allows six crewmembers on board, which is a solid plus..
  • There you can find all the ships in Starfield, plus a handy list of every ship you can get for free..
Investing in your next ship is no small endeavor in Starfield. Each one costs a hefty amount of credits, not to mention the time and effort poured into leveling up your pilot skill to fly certain shi [+6556 chars]

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